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Group Energy is a nationwide group of independent energy and telecom consultants, with 12 offices around the UK. Our aim is simple: to continually afford our business and domestic customers the very lowest energy and telephone call rates.

Group Energy uses its collective group buying power to negotiate cheap electricity, gas and telephone prices for thousands of consumers – from domestic and small businesses customers, to multinational corporate users.

Group buying power – we place business with hundreds of UK energy and telecom suppliers, affording our customers the best prices.
Nationwide UK network – wherever you are, our consultants can analyse bills and help you reduce your future costs.

Business users: Compare UK commercial and industrial electricity, gas and phone prices from our database of leading telecom and energy suppliers; including cheaper internet tariffs only available online. Bespoke rates and refunds can also be negotiated for large corporate users.

Home users: Compare your current electricity and gas rates with our database of domestic energy supplier rates and tariffs (using software endorsed by Energy watch™). Get an instant saving calculation and apply online with our FREE energy cost comparison service.

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