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We provide services to both domestic and business customers…

Our Domestic Services

Compare your current domestic energy rates with our database of ALL domestic energy supplier tariffs (using software endorsed by Energy Watch) Get an instant saving calculation and apply online with our FREE energy cost comparison service.

Our Business Services

Our QUOTATION service is FREE (we’re paid by suppliers just like an insurance broker). We determine what you pay per ‘unit’ and then compare your rate with a range of OFGEM approved suppliers tariffs to find you the best deal. Should you follow our recommendation we will fill in the necessary paperwork and send to you for completion. <more...>

Our NEGOTIATION service: We use our group buying power to negotiate commission free prices with ALL suppliers. As supply commissions are removed we charge a one off fee at 25% of the projected first year saving, when we’ve completed our work. For example if we save you £1000 our fee is £250. <more...>

Our MANAGEMENT service: Not only will we help save your company money - we'll manage the entire process for you. We deal with suppliers on your behalf in the annual tendering, negotiation and analysis of supplier contracts. We also check each monthly invoice, refunding overcharges and implementing tariffs as they occur. If we are able to make savings, we share those savings equally with you. As with our negotiation service, if we can’t save you money - you pay nothing. <more...>


Negotiation Service

The aim of this service is to save you money on your gas or electricity contract renewal, either by finding an alternative provider, or through negotiation with your current supplier. We work for you, not the supplier so we request best possible base prices (without commission), from a range of OFGEM approved suppliers.

Our fee is based on performance, if we are unable to find savings, or if you do not wish to take up an offer we propose, no fee is payable.

If we are able to negotiate a price resulting in savings and you wish to accept the offer, our fee is calculated at 25% of the projected saving over the first year of the contract.

In order to provide this service, we ask you to agree to:

  • Allow us to negotiate exclusively on your behalf, with all suppliers we believe can offer better terms, including your current supplier.
  • Provide us with the appropriate letter of authority to request billing data from your current supplier.
  • Pay our fee, should we succeed in finding you an acceptable offer.

We agree to:

  • Obtain the necessary billing data from your current supplier.
  • Request commission free prices from a wide range of suppliers.
  • Provide detailed calculations showing the cost breakdown of standing charges and unit rates applied to your annual consumption and usage.
  • Provide price comparisons in order to compare prices and show potential savings against your current suppliers offer.
  • Organise the necessary paperwork should you wish to proceed with an offer.


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